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Name Rank Branch Battle Date
Joseph H De Castro Corporal Army Gettysburg, Pennsylvania July 3, 1863
John Ortega Seaman Navy USS Saratoga December, 1864
Philip Bazaar Seaman Navy Assault on Fort Fisher January 15, 1865
France Silva Private Marine Corps Peking, China June 28, 1900 - August 17, 1900
David B. Barkley Private U.S. Army, Company A, 356th Infantry, 89th Division Battle near Pouilly, France November 9, 1918
Joe P. Martinez Private Army Attu, Aleutians May 26, 1943
Salvador J. Lara Private First Class Army Aprilia, Italy May 27, 1944
Rudolph B. Davila Staff Sergeant Army Artena, Italy May 28, 1944
Joe Gandara Private Army Amfreville, France June 9, 1944
Lucian Adams Staff sergeant Army St Die, France. 10/1/1944 October 1, 1944
Manuel V. Mendoza Staff Sergeant Army Battaglia, Italy October 4, 1944
Marcario Garcia Staff Sergeant Army Near Grosshau, Germany November 27, 1944
Pedro Cano Private Army Schevenhutte, Germany December 3, 1944
Jose M. Lopez Sergeant Army Near Krinkelt, Belgium December 17, 1944
Jose F. Valdez Private First Class Army Rosenkrantz, France January 25, 1945
Cleto L. Rodriguez Private Army Paco Railroad Station, Manila, Philippine Islands February 9, 1945
Manuel Perez Jr. Private First Class Army Fort William McKinley, Luzon, Philippine Islands February 13, 1945
Silvestre S. Herrera Private First Class Army Near Mertzwiller, France March 15, 1945
Ysmael R. Villegas Staff Sergeant Army Villa Verde Trail, Luzon, Philippine Islands March 20, 1945
Harold Gonsalves Private First Class Marine Corps Ryukyu Chain, Okinawa Shima April 15, 1945
David M. Gonzales Private First Class Army Villa Verde Trail, Luzon, Philippine Islands April 25, 1945
Alejandro R. Ruiz Private First Class Army Okinawa April 28, 1945
Mike C. Pena Master Sergeant Army Waegwan, Korea September 4, 1950
Baldomero Lopez First Lieutenant Marine Corps Inchon Landing, Korea September 15, 1950
Eugene Arnold Obregon Private First Class Marine Corps Second Battle of Seoul September 26, 1950
Joe R. Baldonado Corporal Army Kangdong, Korea November 25, 1950
Juan Negron Master Sergeant Army Kalma-Eri, Korea April 28, 1951
Joseph C. Rodriguez Private First Class Army Near Munye-ri, Korea May 21, 1951
Demensio Rivera Private First Class Army Changyongni, Korea May 22, 1951
Rodolfo P. Hernandez Corporal Army Near Wontong-ni, Korea May 31, 1951
Edward Gomez Private First Class Marine Corps Kajon-ni, Korea September 14, 1951
Victor H. Espinoza Corporal Army Chorwon, Korea August 1, 1952
Fernando Luis Garcia Private First Class Marine Corps Korea September 5, 1952
Benito Martinez Corporal Army Satacri, Korea September 6, 1952
Miguel Vera Private Army Chorwon, Korea September 21, 1952
Ambrosio Guillen Staff Sergeant Marine Corps Songuch-on, Korea July 25, 1953
Humbert Roque Versace Captain Army An Xuyen Province October 29, 1963 - September 26, 1965
Daniel Fernandez Specialist Four Army Hau Nghia Province February 18, 1966
Alfred V. Rascon Specialist Four Army Republic of Vietnam March 16, 1966
Euripides Rubio Captain Army Tay Ninh Province November 8, 1966
Elmelindo Rodrigues Smith Sergeant First Class Army Republic of Vietnam February 16, 1967
Maximo Yabes First sergeant Army Near Phu Hoa Dong February 26, 1967
Carlos Lozada Private First Class Army Dak To November 20, 1967
Alfredo Cantu Gonzalez Sergeant Marine Corps Hue City February 4, 1968
Jay R. Vargas Captain Marine Corps Dai Do April 30, 1968 - May 2, 1968
Roy P. Benavidez Master Sergeant Army Loc Ninh, Vietnam May 2, 1968
Hector Santiago-Colon Specialist Four Army Quang Tri Province June 28, 1968
Candelario Garcia Sergeant Army Lai Khe December 8, 1968
Felix M. Conde-Falcon Staff Sergeant Army Ap Tan Hoa April 4, 1969
Jesus S. Duran Sergeant Army Ph Romeas Hek, Cambodia April 10, 1969
Santiago J. Erevia Specialist Four Army near Tam Ky City May 1, 1969
Leonard L. Alvardo Specialist Four Army Phuoc Long Province August 12, 1969
Jose Francisco Jimenez Lance Corporal Marine Corps Quang Nam Province August 28, 1969
Jose Rodela Master Sergeant Army Phuoc Long Province September 1, 1969
Ralph E. Dias Private First Class Marine Corps Quang Nam Province November 12, 1969
John P. Baca Specialist Four Army Phuoc Long Province February 10, 1970
Emilio A. De La Garza Lance Corporal Marine Corps Da Nang April 11, 1970
Miguel Keith Lance Corporal Marine Corps Quang Ngai Province May 8, 1970
Ardie R. Copas Specialist Four Army Ph Romeas Hek, Cambodia May 12, 1970
Louis R. Rocco Sergeant First Class Army Northeast of Katum, Republic of Vietnam May 24, 1970
Leroy Petry Sergeant First Class Army Afghanistan May 26, 2008

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